Magic mushrooms are one of Canadian favourite psychedelics. It is easy to consume, comes in various strains that have different effects, and is effective in boosting mental health.

If you are new to these treats, you should know that shrooms are not only for enjoying a psychedelic experience. Instead, it offers multiple mental health benefits like cannabis.

The growing number of studies proving the beneficial effects of psilocybin have prompted more and more people to buy psychedelics in Canada. Today, you can access them online from a reputable number of shops that provide high-quality products, from dried versions to edibles. 

If you want to try it, check out the benefits of using Psilocybe cubensis. You’ll also get to know one online dispensary we trust will give you premium products and great deals.

What are the Benefits of Magic Mushrooms?

Increase Nerve Growth and Brain Connection

Psilocybin is gaining a reputation for aiding in promoting both neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. That means it can encourage the creation of new neurons and link regions of the brain that are ordinarily separated.

Neurogenesis is crucial. This capacity for rapid neuronal growth and cell renewal in the brain may help treat brain injuries, control anxiety and depression, and enhance brain function.

Neuroplasticity is also essential. It is the capacity for growth and remodelling in your brain. Psilocybin improves learning and memory retention by boosting the neuroplasticity of brain cells and increasing the number of connections between them.

Aid in Lowering Anxiety Levels

Again, the evidence is scarce, but some studies show that psilocybin may help treat anxiety. Researchers from John Hopkins University discovered that psilocybin and psychological treatment significantly reduced fear and despair in individuals near their end. 

Other institutions have also conducted psilocybin therapy studies on patients with other mental health disorders. Most show promising results in their subjects.

Facilitate Desirable Personality Changes

Much anecdotal evidence supports this assertion and frequent accounts of how using mushrooms changed people’s lives. However, clinical proof that it can help people improve their personalities is only beginning to surface online.

Conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, extroversion, and neuroticism were the main personality traits examined. The researchers discovered that it produced long-term changes in values, attitudes, and behaviours.

Help Quit Bad Habits

Reflection commonly follows enlightenment, and using shrooms can cause users to reflect on their decisions in the days and weeks. This concept could appear incredibly lofty or pretentious. However, many assert that it gave them a new sense of openness that motivated them to reflect on and reevaluate other aspects of their lives.

Changing a harmful health habit or realizing you’d like to be in shape and feel healthy could be examples. Many people describe feeling inspired to look for and make improvements in aspects of their lives that they may not have previously anticipated.

That’s why there are also studies that show how psilocybin can be helpful as a treatment for substance abuse. Researchers discovered that the meditative mental state that psilocybin induces had favourable effects on behaviour patterns and sobriety.

Numerous other investigations have been done since then. Psilocybin significantly aids subjects trying to quit smoking in a small pilot study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

Enhances Creativity

The relationship between creativity and psychedelics has long been debated, and many examples of musicians and artists utilize psilocybin to enhance their creative process and production. 

Magic mushrooms can potentially increase creativity during the trip and for days or weeks afterward. While some people will only need one trip to improve their creativity, many people turn to microdosing to perhaps keep their brains in sync and a state of continuous productivity and creativity.

Aid in Ego Detachment

Magic mushrooms can aid in ego death. Your defensiveness, perception, and cognition are all aspects of your ego. Although it is your perspective of reality, it is frequently obscured by unfavourable ideas and perceptions.

There is a long history of mystics, poets, philosophers, and meditators overcoming the limitations of ego. The ego can be destroyed by therapeutic quantities of mushrooms, creating a doorway to inspiration, community, and enlightenment.

Buy Psychedelics Online in Canada

You can buy psychedelics online, like magic mushrooms, from reputable sources. If you check on reviews from customers, you can validate the website.

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Psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, have multiple benefits. They primarily affect the mental aspect, providing solutions for mental health disorders and improving one’s personality. All these claims are backed up by science, making it more interesting to try them.

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